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Game Development:
See No Weevil


While I'm not pursuing a career in Game Design, I worked on a game development project in Unreal Engine that taught me a lot about CG, team management, and coding. I worked in a group of 4 students over the course of a semester to complete this quick indie game. I was responsible for all of the games code and level design. 

The game is a narrative isometric shooter. It follows the cowardly scientist Arnold as he struggles to save his mentor from evil mutant Weevils. The game has over 30 unique rooms, puzzles, varient enemy types, power ups, dialog, and a boss fight. All of these mechanics were a joy to implement with Unreal's blueprint system. It was also a great experience to work with other artists to create a larger project. Though I am not pursuing game design professionally, this project was an absolute blast, and taught me a lot about Unreal engine and game design.


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                 As an animation student, I have taken classes in Python and C++. Below are some examples of projects and tools I've made in Maya using Pymel. In future Visualization courses, I will expand my knowledge base in Python and C++. I can't wait to create more tools to speed up my workflow and assist my fellow artists.

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Rock Generator

custom Camera

         Being a CG Layout Artist, I'm most interested in creating tools to make layout simpler an more realistic. Through both scripting in Pymel and building connections in using Maya's expression editor, I've developed a custom camera which I use on all of my projects. This has sped up my workflow significantly, and allowed me to to efficiently previz complex DOF effects, camera shake sims, and more. While I'm constantly thinking of new additions to my camera, its current features include:

Artist Friendly Roll Controls and Z locking
Easy Access Frustum + Clipping Plane Visualization
Locator Based DOF Focus Puller
3 Axis Auto Camera Shake with Speed and Intensity Controls
Scripted Menu of Focal Length Presets
Scripted Menu of Screen Resolution/Aspect Ratio Presets.


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