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Layout Studies

 "A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder" - Musical Layout

       I'm a huge fan of musicals! When I had a bit of free time recently, I decided to develop a layout scene based on my favorite musical. This was a great exercise in character acting, comedy/over the top camera and staging, and set dressing. All assets and textures are from TurboSquid and royalty free image databases. The rigs are prebuilt, but modified. Every male character is a variation of the "Old Man" rig from 3DCartoon on TurboSquid. I blendshaped and changed textures to create 3 distinctly different characters. The womans rig is a free "Waitress rig" by Santiago Calle. This whole project took about 3 days of work. If you haven't checked out this musical, I'd HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

 "Samus Rooftop Fight" - Action Sequence Layout

       In my freetime I wanted to challenge myself to create some really dynamic action to push the work I did during my internship with Pixar further. Once I saw a free Samus Aaron rig online as well as Kitbash3D's free Neo City Kit, I was inspired to make this scene. This sequence was a great exercise in fight choreography, subjective camera work, And intense previz lighting/effects. The sequence took around 4 days from start to finish. Overall I'm happy with the result. Hopefully it gets you excited to play whatever video game it's a cinematic for!

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