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Frog Soup
1 minute Short

            I was also able to brush up on my compositing skills in Nuke! While I had worked in the program before, this was my first time working with NukeX's 3D compositing system. I have never worked with such high fidelity renders before, so it was already looking good before I started. Hats off to our lighting lead for the great atmosphere. Hopefully through the composite, I was able to bring in more life and help the viewer focus on the main areas of the shot. Each project, I like to go out of my comfort zone, so working heavily in effects and compositing on top of my normal layout and animation was a great and fulfilling challenge.

Final Layout, Responsible for Camera, Blocking, Anim, Previz Sim, Lighting, Set Dressing

        "Frog Soup is a 1:15 minute short film created by a team of 7 students at Texas A&M University. As a senior on the project, I took on several lead positions in production. My primary roles were concept, boarding, layout, animation, effects, and compositing. I also did some minor set dressing and surfacing. I was extremely fortunate and lucky to work on a team with some amazing artists to create the final piece.

Screen Shot 2021-11-14 at 10.06.56 PM.png

          This project gave me a great opportunity to brush up on areas of the pipeline I hadn't worked in much before. We made it a goal to have several dynamic effects to liven the environment. I was responsible for creating 3D procedurally placed fireflies, water simulation, and soup simulation in Houdini. I also completed 3D a 3D Dust particle network in NukeX. These effects, combined with my teammates steam simulation and candle flame simulation aided in creating subtle motion throughout the short. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 2.39.27 PM.png

  Storyboard Animatic- Responsible for all aspects.

  My Concept Paint - Digital


Soup Ripple FX Test

Before/ After Composites of shots 1,2, and 5

Nuke Tree of Shot 2

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