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Hi, I'm John.

I'm a CG layout artist and recent graduate of Texas A&M University with a Bachelors of Science in Visualization. I'm currently doing contract work for Big Grin Productions on the short film "Luka and the Lights". I was also a 2021 Summer PUP intern at Pixar Animation Studios. I plan to work on feature/television animation in order to create novel and impactful visual art.


While I'm developing a career as a layout artist, working in small teams has allowed me to explore multiple areas of the pipeline. I've done technical direction, editorial, compositing, rigging, project management and most recently, directing. Working on independent projects with my peers is extremely fulfilling and has allowed me to practice my skills, learn new ones, and tell some lovely original stories.

I also value community service. In school I was the Industry Relations Officer for my schools chapter of SIGGRAPH. In my time, I've organized speaker events and hosted technical skills seminars. I also volunteer as the Media Production Chair for our annual Chillennium Game Jam, producing promotional video content for the event. Lastly, I work for the college as a Department Aide. In my job I manage department events, develop video content, and hold office hours as a peer teacher. I can't wait to go into the industry and continue to "layout"   my future. 


1. (Please disregard the pun.)

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